Consignment Shopping Tips

Inventory changes frequently,  when you see something that catches
your eye, don't miss the opportunity.  Chances are good  it won't
be there next time you come in.

When you are looking through our items, check at least a size above
and below your size.
   Brands are sized differently from each other.
Also, items could have been altered by their previous owner.

Don't forget accessories.  A pin or necklace can make or break an

If you are looking for an item that you cannot find in our store,
please ask us, we may have it in the back.  If not we can put your
name and number in our database with the item you are seeking and
call you when it comes in.

Our policy is "all sales are final".  We screen all incoming items
for defects but mistakes can happen. Please check over your items

We accept all credit cards and offer independent layaway plans.


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